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The Biblical Framework revealed in this series is as true today as it was when it was taught in the late 1970s. These MP3s, therefore, are recommended as a brief overview of Biblical Framework Counseling.

Please note: The syllabi and the course mentioned in the series are no longer available. For a more extensive explanation and application of the Biblical Framework to life and to the mental disorders, see the books available on this website.

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This 24 mp3 series includes a general introduction to Biblical Counseling and a brief exposition of a Biblical Framework for understanding the inner-workings of the human heart and how it enables one to diagnose and to treat the root of even the more mysterious mental disorders of man.

It also addresses the importance of one’s embracing agapé love in his life and of openly expressing that love both to God and to others, concluding with scriptural insights concerning facing oneself, anger, doubts, and decisions.

Take a listen to this 30 minute lesson sample.

Note:  the purchased version of this series is audio only.