Resources for a Biblical Framework in Counseling


What is Biblical Framework Counseling?

The Biblical Framework is a deep, comprehensive, biblical picture of the inner workings of the human heart and mind. The elements of this framework are revealed throughout the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.  Over 500 of these Scriptures unfold the vital work of man’s conscience and its vast effects on the heart, mind, emotions, and behaviors.  This Biblical Framework is important for Biblical Counselors as it profoundly demonstrates the sufficiency and reliability of God’s Word for addressing the mental disorders and common counseling problems.

Who We Are

Rich Thomson received his MDiv from Talbot Theological Seminary in the 1970s. Early in his pastoral ministry, he experienced a deep depression, through which the Lord enabled him to understand how the Scripture could diagnose and treat the root cause of the human mental disorders.  That began decades of studying, expanding, and teaching this Biblical Framework.  His text book, The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders is currently being used in select Biblical Counseling minor and major programs, and is favored by various Christian colleges, churches, and organizations throughout the nation.

Rich Thomson has written a monumental work which will greatly enhance biblical counseling. I know no other work which establishes a biblical model for counseling from Scripture and then applies that model to the mental disorders in the DSM IV. This book should be the manual and textbook for each pastor and counselor and should be seriously considered the textbook for every Bible college and seminary that desires to teach biblical counseling. I highly recommend the book.

Steve P. Sullivan, Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D.
Professor & Chairman of the Ministry Skills Dept.
College of Biblical Studies- Houston

I would recommend this great reference for the shelf of any pastor or minister who wishes to protect God’s flock from the lies and falsehoods that the “mental health” world puts on unsuspecting parishioners, and to point them to the complete adequacy of the Scripture and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

John MacArthur
Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church
President, The Master’s Seminary

The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders is not just a book about counseling. It is a book about life. And it gives you the practical tools necessary to live out the Christian life in a God-honoring way. If you only have one book to read for the year, this is the one.

Nicholas Ellen, D. Min, Ph. D 
Associate Professor, College of Biblical Studies – Houston

The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders has transformed both my personal and professional life. Biblical Counselors and pastors will benefit from the instructions on how to use the Bible to effectively counsel immaterial issues. I am amazed how comprehensive the Biblical Framework method Rich Thomson introduces is for a wide variety of situations and circumstances. Both I personally as well as our students have greatly benefited from his teaching ministry as well as this exceptional work.

Joe Parle, M.A.B.S., Th.M, Ph.D.
Vice President – Academics; Academic Dean; Professor
College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX