The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders


The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders, Second Expanded Edition presents a distinctly Christian approach to the mental disorders and common counseling problems of man.

After a brief Introduction demonstrating the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling the inner person, Part I establishes a Biblical Framework for understanding the inner workings of the human heart (man’s immaterial nature). It goes on to demonstrate from the Word of God how man’s loving and unloving choices can, through the instinctive action of his conscience, affect not only his inner drives, motivations, and emotions, but also his outer behaviors and his brain and body physiology.

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Part I culminates in scripturally unfolding the truth that having an open loving relationship with God (through the Lord Jesus Christ) and with others is the root answer to man’s immaterially generated mental disorders and common counseling problems.

Using the Biblical Framework and the other principles of Scripture exposited in Part I, Part II individually addresses the human mental disorders and common counseling problems, demonstrating that the vast majority of these can be diagnosed and treated at their roots by the Word of God alone. The section concludes with instruction to the reader regarding how he can use this Biblical Framework and its associated truths to aid him in understanding and guiding those who come to him for counsel.

The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders is not only a comprehensive 1000+ page textbook and reference work for the student or counselor who seeks to prepare himself biblically to help hurting people and for the pastor or youth leader who is confronted with difficult counseling situations every day, but it is also a helpful tool for everyone who believes that the Word of God is sufficient to diagnose and to address at their roots even the most baffling mental disorders of man.