Introduction to Biblical Framework Counseling

For those desiring a brief introduction to the unique depth and comprehensiveness of Biblical Framework Counseling, this is the book for you.

Composed mainly of excerpts from the larger volume – The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders – Introduction to Biblical Framework Counseling addresses from the Word of God alone such important topics as 1) why the Scripture is sufficient and unequalled for understanding the inner workings of man’s immaterial heart, 2) the importance of knowing the difference between the Bible’s teaching on the conscience and human wisdom’s theories, 3) where the human emotions originate according to the Scripture, 4) why agape love is the root issue in nearly all counseling problems, and 5) how to counsel using the biblical insights gained from the book.

For those who see the value of pursuing Biblical Framework Counseling in a more serious manner, at the conclusion of many of the chapters there are also lists of numerous other vital counseling issues which are only addressed in detail in The Heart of Man.

This 275 page soft cover book, therefore, is the right choice for those who are just becoming acquainted with why and how a Biblical Framework Counseling approach is so unique in the biblical counseling field.

The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders

The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders, Second Expanded Edition presents a distinctly Christian approach to the mental disorders and common counseling problems of man.
After a brief Introduction demonstrating the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling the inner person, Part I establishes a Biblical Framework for understanding the inner workings of the human heart (man’s immaterial nature). It goes on to demonstrate from the Word of God how man’s loving and unloving choices can, through the instinctive action of his conscience, affect not only his inner drives, motivations, and emotions, but also his outer behaviors and his brain and body physiology.
Part I culminates in scripturally unfolding the truth that having an open loving relationship with God (through the Lord Jesus Christ) and with others is the root answer to man’s immaterially generated mental disorders and common counseling problems.
Using the Biblical Framework and the other principles of Scripture exposited in Part I, Part II individually addresses the human mental disorders and common counseling problems, demonstrating that the vast majority of these can be diagnosed and treated at their roots by the Word of God alone. The section concludes with instruction to the reader regarding how he can use this Biblical Framework and its associated truths to aid him in understanding and guiding those who come to him for counsel.
The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders is not only a comprehensive 1300+ page textbook and reference work for the student or counselor who seeks to prepare himself biblically to help hurting people and for the pastor or youth leader who is confronted with difficult counseling situations every day, but it is also a helpful tool for everyone who believes that the Word of God is sufficient to diagnose and to address at their roots even the most baffling mental disorders of man.

Advanced Biblical Framework Counseling

Advanced Biblical Framework Counseling is designed to be both a study guide and a workbook through the major text The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders. The exercises which comprise this book, therefore, are meant to stimulate the reader’s thoughts concerning the most important biblical principles and applications addressed in that work. To this end, space is provided after each exercise in which the reader may record his answer.
The person who wants to better prepare himself or herself to help others from the Word of God alone as they struggle with both common counseling problems and mental disorders will want to have this book. It is also a required text for those who desire certification with the Biblical Framework Counselors Association.

Booklet: Help for the Wise Woman in Turning Away Wrath

Though it is less than 20 pages, Help for the Wise Woman in Turning Away Wrath can have a large impact on the home of any woman who is open to its biblical instruction. Especially helpful are the contrasts it draws: “Ways We Provoke Our Husbands’ Anger” and “Ways We Can Provoke Our Husbands to Love.”
Written by Bonnie Thomson, this is a wonderful little booklet for one’s own practical growth in Christ, as well as for personal discipleship or a women’s or teen girls’ Bible study.

Folleto: Cómo Ayudar A La Mujer Sabia A Apartar La Ira

Alrededor de 20 páginas, Còmo Ayudar a La Mujer Sabia a Apartar La Ira, puede tener un impacto grande sobre el hogar de cualquier mujer que esté abierta a su instrucción bíblica. En particular, los contrastes que se hace entre “Maneras en que provocamos a nuestros esposos al enojo” y “Maneras en que motivamos a nuestros esposos al amor” son de mucha ayuda.

Escrito por Bonnie Thomson, este folleto es una herramienta útil tanto para el crecimiento personal en Cristo como el discípulado de otras o un estudio Bíblico de mujeres o jovenes.

Love: The Answer

In a world troubled by strained relationships, broken marriages, and fractured families, few would dispute that love is the answer. But what is love? And what does it mean to love? This 170 page book answers these questions from the Word of God alone and addresses how one can have God’s love in his or her heart with the peace it brings. It also gives practical ways in which this love can help to enrich and heal every kind of human relationship.

Audio: Principles of Biblical Counseling 12 CD Album

This 12 CD series includes a general introduction to Biblical Counseling and a brief exposition of a Biblical Framework for understanding the inner-workings of the human heart and how it enables one to diagnose and to treat the root of even the more mysterious disorders of man.
It also addresses the importance of one’s embracing agape love in his life and of openly expressing that love both to God and to others, concluding with scriptural insights concerning facing oneself, anger, doubts, and decisions.

Agape Love Chart

This chart, entitled, “Agape Love and Its Absence” is a convenient two-sided reference card outlining verse-by-verse the qualities of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. The Columns to the right of each quality are: “The Goal of Maturity: Love Is” and “Missing the Mark: Lack of Love is” This is a great tool to use in counseling or to give away.

God Of All Comfort

A small but powerful 16 page booklet designed to be a special encouragement to troubled or discouraged Christians, God of All Comfort spotlights Scriptures that reveal who God is, how He sees his children as eternally forgiven and accepted by Him in the Lord Jesus Christ, and how they can be assured of His wonderful “family forgiveness” as they confess their sins to Him.