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The Biblical Framework Counselors Association (BFCA) is a referral association of Biblical Framework Counselors committed to living Christ-honoring lives according to the Word of God and serving Him in good Bible teaching churches. Each member approaches his or her counseling from the Scripture alone and consistently uses the Biblical Framework (as explained in The Heart of Man) and its acccompanying biblical principles to diagnose and to treat the root cause of the immaterially caused mental disorders and common counseling problems of man.

BFCA Certification

The BFCA is looking to certify a select group of recommendable Biblical Framework Counselors throughout the USA and the world. The process of certification is described below. Certification entitles one to receive a certificate of membership, to be listed in the BFCA Directory on this website, and to be mentioned by other BFCA members and their friends as a recommendable Biblical Framework Counselor in his or her area. BFCA certification involves study and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the sufficiency of His Word. With regard to study, one can qualify either by being a graduate of the Biblical Counseling major at the College Of Biblical Studies—Houston with a “B” average or above, or by studying and understanding the biblical principles unfolded in The Heart of Man well enough to satisfactorily complete the exercises given in Advanced Biblical Framework Counseling. These exercises may be completed in the book itself or sent on paper to Biblical Counseling Ministries, PO Box 1852, Houston, Texas 77411. Or they may be emailed to this website. After one’s answers to the exercises have been approved, he or she will be sent a membership application which asks for one’s agreement with the doctrines of the historic Protestant Christian faith and a basic agreement with articles 1-6 and 8-14 of the BCM Doctrinal Statement. There is no membership fee.

BFCA Membership

The BFCA has three tiers of membership, which are renewed every two years. The Adjunct Member has been involved in Biblical Framework Counseling for at least a year and has between 20 and 200 hours of experience conducting personal and/or group Biblical Framework Counseling. The Full Member has between 200 and 500 hours, and the Senior Member has 500 or more hours of Biblical Framework Counseling.

Enoch N. Bauer

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Journey Biblical Counseling Center is a ministry of Journey Church providing one-on-one counseling to our community.

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