Introduction to Biblical Framework Counseling


For those desiring a brief introduction to the unique depth and comprehensiveness of Biblical Framework Counseling, this is the book for you. 

Composed mainly of excerpts from the larger volume – The Heart of Man and the Mental Disorders – Introduction to Biblical Framework Counseling addresses from the Word of God alone such important topics as

  1. Why the Scripture is sufficient and unequalled for understanding the inner workings of man’s immaterial heart
  2. The importance of knowing the difference between the Bible’s teaching on the conscience and human wisdom’s theories
  3. Where the human emotions originate according to the Scripture
  4. Why agapé love is the root issue in nearly all counseling problems, and
  5. How to counsel using the biblical insights gained from the book.

252 Pages.

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252 Pages.

For those who see the value of pursuing Biblical Framework Counseling in a more serious manner, at the conclusion of many of the chapters there are also lists of numerous other vital counseling issues which are only addressed in detail in The Heart of Man.

This 252 page soft cover book, therefore, is the right choice for those who are just becoming acquainted with why and how a Biblical Framework Counseling approach is so unique in the biblical counseling field.

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252 Pages